Surf Lessons

qualified coaches, easy waves, good vibes.

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Good Vibes

It's all about good times

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Good Waves

We will get you up and riding

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Surf Lessons

Muizenberg beach is the world’s best to learn to surf due to the generally soft, slow, gentle & friendly waves. Admire the majestic mountains wrapping the bay as the ocean draws sand between your toes. Happy faces in and out of the warm Atlantic Coast! To best suit your Surfing Level contact us and we will help you pick the best times and conditions for the day.

Beginner Lessons

After grabbing surfboards and jumping into wetsuits we run through the basics of surf etiquette, making sure you are comfortable and understand how to use your equipment, safety, and the conditions for the day.

Instruction in the water during the course of the lesson helping you manage to catch your own waves and ride as long as possible.


We thrive on giving you the best experience by providing you with proffesional feedback through Video analysis after your surf session.

Intermediate Lessons

Advance your skills with help and advice from Mandla and his qualified instructors and explore some more advance spots around our peninsula.
We love adventure and sharing good waves with you.

Lesson Prices

Surf LessonsPrice per personDuration
Private lesson (1 person)R5001,5 Hrs
Mini group (2-3 people)R4501,5 Hrs
Group lesson (>3 people)R4001,5 Hrs
Surf board + wetsuit
R2001,5 Hrs


  • We meet you at African Soul Surfer Board room for Wetsuit fitting and picking the best surfboard option to suit your surfing level.
  • Assess conditions, Apply sunscreen, Hydrate, Get psyched up on coffee.



  • Before you enter the water: Your Coach will brief you on Surf Etiquette covering Safety, Equipment, Conditions, How to paddle and practice Pop Up Correctly on the sand.
  • In the water: Your Surf Coach will help you with the correct position of laying and paddling your surfboard.
  • Assist you to manage getting over waves to reach your comfortable depth in the ocean.
  • Identify and select the right waves to paddle for and catch.
  • Give you instant feedback on your paddling to pop up position.
  • Constantly remind you about the correct positioning of your body and feet on surfboard, bent knees and looking where you intend to go.
  • Always available to answer your questions as you progress in catching waves and riding to the best of your ability.
  • Help you have the best experience enjoying your surfing.



  • After the surf lessons you are welcome for a warm shower at African Soul Surfer Backpackers.
  • Catch up on your Breakfast, load up on the refreshing Soul Juice enjoying the overview of Surfers Corner. Coffee and cold drinks available at the bar.
  • Grab a cold one and we go through the Videos of your surf session.
  • Constructive feedback in reviewing of common mistakes and successful rides.
  • This is super fun and interesting way to improving your surfing skill.

Africa Surf School

Cape Town, South Africa

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